Our “natural” cattle receive no hormones, and no antibiotics. Never ever.

Snake River Ranch runs natural yearling cattle in Wyoming. Jackson Hole is a high-cost area for feeding hay to cattle during the long winters, however it is a good location for summer grass. For this reason, our year starts in the fall, when we buy 500-pound natural calves from ranches in Oregon, California and Nevada and truck them to pastures we lease in California. We do this to spread our buying risk between the fall and spring markets, and to avoid feedlots in the winter.

We buy additional natural cattle in the spring and truck all the animals to Wyoming, where they graze through the summer. We sell all the cattle in the fall. Many are sold as grass-finished. Others go to buyers who want natural cattle for ultimate sale to restaurants and grocery stores including Whole Foods and Wegmans.

Our “natural” cattle receive NO hormones and NO antibiotics. Never ever. If we have to treat a sick steer for an infection or disease, we clip his ear-tag to ensure he will NOT be sold as natural and instead will be sold as a commercial steer.

We practice humane treatment and are certified by the Certified Humane program (

For more information on our cattle, contact our ranch manager, Lance Johnsen,