Ranch Operation

Our mission at Snake River Ranch is to enhance our land and improvements, while operating profitably.

The business of our ranch is to harvest the power of the sun. We capture it first as grass, which we feed to steers, then sell as beef. To maximize our capture of solar energy, we try to get the best performance from our grass and our cattle. We do this primarily through management-intensive grazing and low-stress stock handling.

Management-intensive grazing is a practice of

1) Running the cattle together in a large, dense bunch so they graze and fertilize each pasture more evenly, and

2) Moving the bunch frequently so they are continuously on fresh feed, harvest it optimally, then move off to allow the pastures time to grow back.

Management-intensive grazing allows us to capture more solar energy in high-quality grass, which in turn increases our pasture capacity so we have more pounds of beef to sell.

Low-stress stock handling replaces a coercive approach to cattle-moving with a cooperative one, so cowboys use the cattleā€™s natural responses to move the steers from one pasture to another. The cattle in turn are easier to handle, less dangerous for cowboys and their horses, and more desirable to buyers.